Content Management Systems programming

CMS Implementation

Information on our website is useful as long as it's true, or rather - up to date. To make it like this, we need to take care of them. Having a website you should be aware that the information contained there don't change by itself. You need to update it together with the company offer changes. It could be commissioned to us, we will happily take care of it, but in the case when changes are relatively common, the best solution is a CMS (Content Management System). With the CMS, the content may be under constant supervision. Updating information or the complete change is no longer any problem, and can be made at any time and from any location, without the involvement of third parties and unnecessary waiting for the task completion. Usage of our application is extremely simple so that the change in the website content can be up to the person, which experience of working with the computer does not go beyond the basics of its use.

Every project deserves an individual treatment, because the process of building a website is very complex. From examination of customer needs, market analysis through planning, design, through to the creation and implementation the final product. We try to make the final design the best as possible, and the customer get more than expected.

Our solutions are based on constantly developed content management system - MicroCMS. Compared to competing solutions, our software is characterized by lightness and high versatility of the code that makes it easy to introduce new functionalities and minimize the number of potential problems.

Our applications often use dynamic AJAX solutions, using JavaScript and jQuery. We have a error monitoring system in our applications, so most of the potential problems even before we tell you the customer. The projects also implement ongoing SEO solutions.

We invite you to learn more about our website creations and software.