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Microservice is a computer systems integrator owned by motivated IT professionals. Thanks to many years of experience and broad profile of business, we can offer highly competitive services when compared to alternative companies.

We develop software that respects your time. High reliability is the lack of downtime for your project, whether you are an individual or business customer. We use the latest technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3. Our work will be appreciated by everyone who expects more than just a "cheap web site".

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Our framework got an official name - Particle. Websites and online apps created by us use the Particle engine for HTML content generation.

User Accounts module updated in CMS

Accounts management gained the functionality of manual unlock of blocked accounts (secured automatically after a few failed logon attempts). Also, the section interface has received some minor improvements.

Sitemap auto-generation

Site Map is a guide for the search engines. Today, our customers with websites based on CMS received an automatic update functionality for sitemap.xml file after making changes in the content. In addition, the Statistics module, now offers a set of SEO tools.

Website redesign

Our website has been redesigned and now includes more information about the software offered Microservice such as CMS app. There is also a polish language version. Creations section has been updated with recent website projects.

CMS Update

  • Repository module can now upload many files at once and has drag&drop functionality - file uploading through dropping file on browser's window.
  • File list now loads faster and shows file sizes, hovering over the picture file icon displays its preview.
  • Fault monitoring has been expanded and now captures the JavaScript errors.
  • Increased number of elements shared by applications in the cloud.
  • Menu editing forms gained intelligent address prediction functionality.
  • Enabling and disabling the records is now done through AJAX.
  • PHP and HTML templates are available for the editing from the file system level - without the need for CMS use.
  • In the Security Center module it's now possible to manually clear the database cache.

CMS Update

  • CMS update includes bug fixes (including the Gallery module) and new functionalities.
  • You can now log in, using the e-mail address.
  • The Subpages module has been enhanced for management of history entries.
  • Improved Repository layout.
  • In the menu management module, you can now define the deeper levels (useful for drop-down menus).
  • The possibility of definition of a separate ​​menus for different languages.
  • News are now defined independently for each language version.
  • Some forms of the CMS modules received an additional server-side validation, and improved display of tables with a list of items.
  • PHP templates use the new editor.
  • You can choose the CMS template on a user-level (CMS templates available soon).
  • All the customers hosting a web page on our servers received the update automatically.

HTML code analysis

CMS can now mark the redundant elements of HTML, outdated tags and images without descriptions.

New functionality in TMS

Issuing orders has been simplified - just send an e-mail to a special address and the order will be automatically redirected to TMS. You can add attachments to the message which will also appear in the order. The e-mail address is common and will be passed to our customers.

In addition, you can now sign in using the email address in TMS application and Web pages (works the same as logging in with the user name).

CMS Update

  • New module added - Security Center. New functionality performs a series of tests to ensure correct configuration of web page.
  • The Subpages module has been improved with a better tree display.
  • Management of the CSS code now uses an entirely new editor, with full-screen editing mode available by pressing F11.
  • All the customers having a website on our server received the update automatically.

CMS update

CMS Update on July 31, 2012 accelerates websites and CMS panel.

Interface elements have been updated to reduce the number of images while preserving clear interface.

All sites hosted in Microservice receive the updated code automatically.

Microservice applications

Added info about Microservice software - Web applications.

New section

We invite you to visit the Creations section where we present some of our completed web pages.