News of

CMS Update

  • CMS update includes bug fixes (including the Gallery module) and new functionalities.
  • You can now log in, using the e-mail address.
  • The Subpages module has been enhanced for management of history entries.
  • Improved Repository layout.
  • In the menu management module, you can now define the deeper levels (useful for drop-down menus).
  • The possibility of definition of a separate ​​menus for different languages.
  • News are now defined independently for each language version.
  • Some forms of the CMS modules received an additional server-side validation, and improved display of tables with a list of items.
  • PHP templates use the new editor.
  • You can choose the CMS template on a user-level (CMS templates available soon).
  • All the customers hosting a web page on our servers received the update automatically.