Web hosting for business - e-mail and WWW servers

We specialize in web hosting for business customers. Hosting service means keeping of corporate e-mail accounts and virtual Web servers in the infrastructure of Microservice. We offer support for PHP and databases, the ability to "park" more domains, the creation of multiple e-mail accounts, and many other amenities.

Benefits of Web hosting services:
- the reduction or total elimination of the costs associated with:
  • the purchase and start of equipment (routers, switches, servers, etc.)
  • the adaptation of space for server hardware (air conditioning, ventilation, fire system, 24/7 monitoring)
  • providing power from different sources for a server room
  • the maintenance of a permanent Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth
  • employment of qualified personnel to administer and support systems in a 24/7 manner
- stable, predictable maintenance costs - ease of analysis and the ability to accurately plan the costs of Internet services

Through cooperation with the hosting center, we can offer you the highest quality at a reasonable price.