Content Management Systems creation


Our custom platform for simple and secure content management. Developed continuously since 2008, used in dozens of our implementations.

Thanks to our CMS system:
* you will quickly and easy create an effective website and web applications (it's a PHP framework)
* you will be able to fully manage site structure, presented in a clear tree shape
* you will quickly expand your site thanks to a highly scalable architecture and built-in support of PHP snippets
* create a subpage based on any template
* deliver an optimized CSS code when the page is displayed
* the data access layer will be protected well
* you can forget about problems thanks to the central error reporting system with e-mail notification and RSS
* you will create a website in your chosen language
* you will configure the stats counter with ease (Google Analytics)
* you can use one of few languages for the backend (currently: english, polish, hungarian)

We guarantee:
* high SEO efficiency: unrestricted URL addresses, without any ID's, even for dynamic content - plain text!
* high performance: continuously controlled and optimized code
* liquid layout of CMS panel: comfortable work in different resolutions, maximal use of the available screen space
* trouble-free operation in all modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
* high quality, tried and tested code running in the cloud (independent work also possible)
* encryption of user passwords unique to each implementation - no way of knowing the password by using the so-called Rainbow Tables
* possibility of work with databases other than MySQL, such as PostgreSQL or MSSQL
* integrated option for secure communications with backend via HTTPS
* the use of new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to enhance the usability